Monday, May 25, 2015

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VANCAF)

VANCAF artwork by Nina Matsumoto - Simpsons comic artist

It's always such a pleasure to be in a city where these events happen where one can be with so many delightful creative people and their supporters and enjoy rich, fresh and gorgeous new and unique artwork! I haven't really read comics since my late teens and recently i've been inspired to explore the wonderful avenue of graphic novels and current comics again. 

It just amazes me how much great artwork there is out there. Digital art just keeps getting better and better over the past 10 years. I was happy to spend the weekend with a good friend of mine just chatting, checking out the work and enjoying the creative atmosphere. I didn't go to recent year's VANCAF events but this one I hear was twice as big and really busy.

Best part of all - EVERYONE WAS SO NICE. The artists there were SUPER HAPPY just to be there and the atmosphere was just addictive with positivity and happiness. Some artists were up and coming and some were veterans and overall everyone seemed to want to be there and share their art with the world. I've been to other conventions and this is by far the most enjoyable one yet for overall community vibe. 

I purchased the $20 VIP deal and picked up a really cute sling bag (which was actually very uncomfortable to wear being a woman with boobs) which carried some goodies inside like stickers, postcard art, raffle draw tickets, VIP access to panels, free drink and snack and a piece of candy. It was a great deal although I didn't take advantage of any of the panels because I was too busy shopping for amazing artwork, meeting loads of my friends there and making new friends along the way. 

I made off with some incredible art. 

Just look at this art. 

Look at it. 

I loved this print when I laid eyes on it. I mean, this Great Dane is watching classic cartoons! I love art that captures the quiet solitude of taking in some form of entertainment. 

The colours and the eyes are just amazing.

 Some really great postcards to send to friends with some fantastic art on it. Stickers are adorable too!
Goodies in the $20 Deal

Being a gamer I can relate to all of these characters. Nina is awesome.
Nina Matsumoto - Official artist for Simpsons Comic

One of my coolest friends Justin (comics lover), couldn't make it to VanCaf this weekend so I couldn't help but jump at the idea of getting him a custom made Simpson's print by Nina. 
Nina Matsumoto - Official Simpson's comic artist

Another quiet capture of Nina in her room entertaining herself with her fave comic, music snap with kitty while surrounded by all of her favourite things. Peaceful. Beautiful. 
Nina Matsumoto - Official Simpson's comic artist

I've been meaning to pick up this Camilla special for ages but I wanted her to sign it. 
Camilla D'errico 

So, she signed it for me. :D
Camilla D'errico

 This piece just captured me off-guard. I'm not one for collecting post-apocalyptic art but this piece just spoke to me. I love this composition of the quiet solitude of this "Collector" and the delightful details of what it carries on its back. The hot lava creates a beautiful hot ambience and tells a story. This piece is one of my faves and I just love it. Devin is also a really nice guy who drew a sketch on his business card for me. I look forward to more art by him. 
Devin A Rosychuk

 Jayleen and Jeri of Gurukitty studios are a powerhouse of wonderful hand-drawn/hand-painted art. They have been in the art scene for quite some time and have so many beautiful prints, stories to read and amazing resources and art to share. 
GuruKitty Studios

Seraphim is from a new up-and-coming artist who is such a pleasure to speak to I couldn't help but want to read her comics. 
Lunar Blade

 This little gem is from Maxxx (aka Alexis Sugden) which tells a beautifully illustrated tale of a short-lived female relationship. Definitely NSFW. 
Maxxx Bronwyn

These were too cute not to pick up...

Some more dazzling cards I'm keeping because they are beautiful.
Some of my favorite business cards

 My fave postcards from the VanCaf VIP deal, a beautiful bookmark and small business card.
My fave freebies from the pack and a bookmark (upper middle)

Katrianna Anderson

Despite the fact that this woman had periwinkle purple hair that just spoke to me from across the room, Katrianna really is able to capture the essence and spirit of each of these characters. I really can't wait to read her graphic novel and hang her art on my walls. 

Renee Nault

This beautiful work was done with watercolour and I just couldn't help but be mesmerized by her beautiful visions of mermaids. I grew up drawing hundreds of mermaids and wanting desperately to be one. Still pissed i'm not a mermaid. 

Well, for those who know me or follow me via social media it's totally obvious why I bought the heck out of this stuff. I just about died when I saw all the MARVEL pugs and then I HAD to pick up the delightful little greeting cards and stickers. Gawd I love Pugs and especially my Pug Xena. 


So overall I had a really enjoyable time at Vancaf. Some of the time it was too difficult to walk through the aisles but it just made me wander over to the other building or take a break and sit down for a while. One thing that I really enjoyed was watching some of the crowd take some time out and sit down to draw after absorbing so much wonderful and juicy creative energy! Sketchbooks were at the ready and even my hand is itching to get some stuff out.

If you couldn't make it this year then I highly suggest you go and with a friend or two. You can always split up and meet later and enjoy what you really want to see and make some great contacts or friends in the industry.

Northwest Fan Fest is coming next weekend! I'll be there checking out the crowd and shopping for some more wonderful additions to my walls!

Visit this weekend!!! 


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