Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Working in Television and FanExpo Vancouver!

Well... it's clearly been a month and a HALF since I wrote my last blog.


What a ride.

I've had the utter privilege to work with some amazing people creating amazing sets and props for three shows in the past 1.5 months. It's been an absolute BLAST! I've had so much to do, places to go, studios to work in. I can't wait to do more.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl - Legendary Entertainment: a totally wickedly updated reboot to the 70s sitcom starring Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart. They're quirky, badass, sexy and most of all funny as hell. Love those two.

Suckers - Nickelodeon: I did 6 illustrations for this show that will be apart of the story and showing in the film about Vampires and Ninjas! Can't tell you anything more about it until it comes out! 

MTX! - Disney/Bay City Productions: A Disney pilot that will not air publicly but was created to WOW the producers so the show gets a series! I think they'll get it. It's so incredibly awesome! 

So yeah, 3 show sin 1.5 months and it's been fun as hell. I've met the most wonderful people and got to work on some of the coolest stuff for the shows that will all be caught on camera. Lots of my art will be all over Electra Woman and Dyna Girl so I really can't wait for that and to show you what I did! I can tell you that I created their logos, product placement, other superhero logos and so much more! 

Super sorry for not getting on the blog train but i've only just had time to sit down myself after many long days of creative work/bliss/stress/fun. 


I'll be at table #804 way up near the Artist's Alley. 

Why am I not in the Artist's Alley you ask? 

Let's just say that my table was a gift. :D 

See you there if you are coming! :D 


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