Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend with my dear friend Lyndon

Hello World!

I've been holed up doing some really fun work on a super secret project! I've got a few things going on at the moment and haven't had time to really post much in the past few weeks. Don't worry, it's totally legit and worth it!

I did however get the chance to visit with my precious friend Lyndon (the plant god) and we spent Valentine's Day together strolling around Lonsdale (North Vancouver) enjoying Chai latte's and lots and lots of sushi! As a belated Christmas/Birthday gift I bought him a Spider Man hoodie and he's so absolutely happy about it he can barely contain himself. Ever since he saw his little nephew Koby wearing one he said to me "OMG why don't they make these for ADULTS???". I got really quiet, knowing that they do and kept that little gem of information for a later date.

Here are some pics of one of my truest and most wonderful friends of all time.

Lyndon is an incredibly talented and knowledgable man in the field of plants and cultivating them. I call him either Plant God or Plant Whisperer. He's more at home in the plant world and in the forest than he ever will be in buildings or busy cities. Plants and trees are his life and when he teaches, does talks, does his Radio show on CBC, blogs or just speaks about them - he brings the most wonderful joy and zeal that one cannot simply ignore or not fall in love with him and his plants in his presence.

See his Twitter profile here: @CBCgardener

Lyndon in his new Spider Man hoody.

Friends for life. :D

A family of Crocuses starting to wake up!

Something about a Daffodil is just so illuminating. 

Stunning Crocuses! 

Crocuses are in full bloom when in the sun! My fave colour of course. 

An absolutely STUNNING prehistoric species of plant! 

Lyndon hugging an absolutely STUNNING PREHISTORIC SPECIES! 

Something about Bamboo is ever mesmerizing. :D 

Cheers, J xo

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