Monday, January 19, 2015

The Force for Alexa

What an exceptional day Saturday Jan the 18th was. 

I was thrilled and honoured to be a part of the wonderful charity fundraiser event aptly named, "The Force for Alexa". Pete Turcotte of Big Pete's Comics and Collectibles -

- contacted me a week or so before the event and asked if I would like to help him raise money for his beloved friend and neighbour 13 year-old Alexa who was recently terribly injured as a result of a two-car accident. I've known Pete for many years and I jumped at the chance to be able to help this little girl with her recovery expenses as she has already been painfully recovering for weeks.

Myself (Freelance concept illustrator) , David Arsenault of Bad-Ass Cakes (Pastry chef and 3D cake sculptor),  John Gallagher (official illustrator of The Flash television series), Ed Brisson (comics writer for Sons of Anarchy), the beautiful twins of tWISTED tWINS PRODUCtIONS were all invited and attended the event with an AMAZING turnout! We all sold prints and comics in which a DYNAMITE TOTAL OF $4000 proceeds from Saturday went to Alexa for her and her family!!! AMAZING! So many friends, neighbours and regulars from all over Vancouver gathered to join in the Force for Alexa and made the day absolutely spectacular and an HUGE SUCCESS! 

News Article: Pete and Deanna Turcotte in the North Shore News! Yeah, that's a WOMPA RUG! 
I wanted to create a new piece...

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew that Leia had eventually been trained as a Jedi so I wanted to show her wisdom and the complicated life she had in her eyes. She's a Princess, daughter of a Queen and a homicidal madman, sister to a powerful Jedi, mother to three and now a Jedi. This woman has had many lives all compacted into one. I wanted to also show her as an empowered woman. Everything about Leia pretty much is "Don't Fu** with me" in a little package. I love her character. I finished this print a few days before the event and only released it on the day of. 

Signing Leia Prints! 

David Arsenault of Bad-Ass Cakes

John Gallagher - Illustrator of The Flash TV Series

Ed Brisson - Comic Book Writer

Oh, did I mention that the 501st LEGION was there? They were incredible. There were Star Wars storm troopers all over the store! They are SO COOL as they attend charity events and provide fantastic photo-ops with full gear and even the voice-speakers within the helmets sounded like full-on troopers! These guys were amazing. WOW!

Jedi and Troopers! 

Sh*t's about to get REAL! 

These aren't the comics we're looking for. 

Storm Trooper!!! 

My wonderful friend Jamie "Wookie" and his son with a Jedi and Storm Troopers!

Wookie, Little Wookie and X-Wing fighter pilot! 

Dave made the most amazing custom 3-D Star Wars cookies that he sold with a minimum donation. Needless to say the cookies were gone in the first 2.5 hours. Hah!

Tie-fighter, Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer and X-Wing Fighter! 

They really are as delicious as they look! Sugar cookies with royal icing. 

"She's the fastest ship in the fleet" - Han Solo

What an amazing a heartfelt day of fun, laughter and outpouring of support all in the name of one little girl and her family who can now hopefully feel some ease knowing that they have support of their local community family.

HUGE THANKS to Peter Turcotte and Deanna Turcotte, Jason Wolfe, Jenna and Mom Turcotte of BIG PETE'S COMICS AND COLLECTIBLES and EVERYONE who brought the Force on a very powerful day! 

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