Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project: Little Star - Complete!

So my little pet project "Little Star" was completed a little while ago ( Blog Post Link ) and here is the W.I.P. with the finished product following....

I had so much fun creating this little guy. I put some wire in for his horns so that they don't just break if he falls over to the side for any reason. He's totally hollow with tin foil balled up in his middle. 

Little Star - Front

Little Star : 3/4
Now here he is with a size reference of a Canadian quarter. He's not huge, just small enough to fit into my hand. :D The big white shoe next to him is a free standing Gandalf the White. They share my desk with me. 

Little Star size reference (Canadian Quarter)
And that's it! I love Brian Froud's work so much that I was so inspired to do my own little desktop creature. :D <3 a="" art="" else="" everyone="" have="" i="" if="" in="" love="" nbsp="" of="" or="" p="" please="" s="" sculpture="" see="" share="" so="" something="" the="" to="" way="" work="" you="">

Love, Jaime 

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