Sunday, December 13, 2015

6 Months Later....

Time... has officially flown past me. WOW. A year full of incredible changes from one thing to another and all the while, working in the TV & Film industry has been an absolute blessing and fun!

I've updated my website with current works that have already aired for: Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Santa Hunters and Liar, Liar Vampire. Upcoming works will be updated next year (2016) when they air for Legends of Tomorrow, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl, The Magicians and Lucifer.

I've had the pleasure to work with amazingly hard-working, talented and wonderful people on these productions and I can't wait to meet more. The entertainment industry is a beast in itself and i've learned a lot and been very privileged to meet the people and work with the ones who make the magic come alive on screen.

Here are a few concepts I got to work on.

Once Upon A Time - The Dark One's Altar concept 

Arrow - Arrowheads Concept

Liar, Liar, Vampire - Fright House Design 

There are plenty more on my website at :D I'm in the middle of a few projects over the holidays and i'll make sure to post a little more frequently than bi-yearly!

Until then - have a wonderful holiday and see you around!

Cheers, Jaime

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Working on the TV series ARROW


So happy to get the chance to work on Arrow​ Season 4 for the past few weeks! I've designed some really cool graphics for the show and get this - I've also designed WEAPONS AND ARMOUR for props! Not only that - the entire Art Department ALL worked on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - NO JOKE OMFG. Yeah, I just totally fan-girled there, Ken Hawryliw​. I can't begin to tell you what an amazing experience it's been working with such brilliant and creative professional people. In two weeks of solid working there I managed to fall in love with the entire Art and Props crew. 

I am still working on some things part time for now and no, I can't tell you what I have been or what I am currently working on although I'll spill when it all plays in the fall! I got to handle all of the weaponry (even Ra's Al Ghul's sword and omg it's gorgeous) and even sign an Archery safety document lolz. I've seen some filming, got a tour of some of the sets and Emily Beckett walked right up to me and introduced herself to me right out of the blue. Lovely woman and I love her as Felicity. I gushed. Stephen Amell walked by while going to set and I kid you not - they look just as amazing in real life as they do on TV. 

Season 4 filming is underway and I can't wait to see what happens. All I know for now is that Episode 1 and some of 2 will have lots of my graphics all over it and throughout the season, some props will also play a really heavy part. I hope I get some more projects on the show again. My full-time work was only temporary and hopefully I'll get some more! 

I still can't believe I worked with the Battlestar crew. How AMAZING IS THAT. 

So yeah... when I get the chance to show you, I will. 



Monday, July 6, 2015


While I would LOVE to show you all what I've been working on... I'm currently under an N.D.A. - a Non-Disclosure Agreement with my current employer. All I CAN say is that the wait is so totally worth it and the day that I can finally show you what i've been up to - I most certainly will! I have a few projects on the go and I've been busy working on a few shows in the time being - all of which I can't discuss any of what I've worked on. It's the price of working in the entertainment industry and i'll gladly pay it to keep working more and more.

Happy Belated Canada Day and Happy Belated Independence Day!

Much love and keep drawing! 


Monday, May 25, 2015

Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (VANCAF)

VANCAF artwork by Nina Matsumoto - Simpsons comic artist

It's always such a pleasure to be in a city where these events happen where one can be with so many delightful creative people and their supporters and enjoy rich, fresh and gorgeous new and unique artwork! I haven't really read comics since my late teens and recently i've been inspired to explore the wonderful avenue of graphic novels and current comics again. 

It just amazes me how much great artwork there is out there. Digital art just keeps getting better and better over the past 10 years. I was happy to spend the weekend with a good friend of mine just chatting, checking out the work and enjoying the creative atmosphere. I didn't go to recent year's VANCAF events but this one I hear was twice as big and really busy.

Best part of all - EVERYONE WAS SO NICE. The artists there were SUPER HAPPY just to be there and the atmosphere was just addictive with positivity and happiness. Some artists were up and coming and some were veterans and overall everyone seemed to want to be there and share their art with the world. I've been to other conventions and this is by far the most enjoyable one yet for overall community vibe. 

I purchased the $20 VIP deal and picked up a really cute sling bag (which was actually very uncomfortable to wear being a woman with boobs) which carried some goodies inside like stickers, postcard art, raffle draw tickets, VIP access to panels, free drink and snack and a piece of candy. It was a great deal although I didn't take advantage of any of the panels because I was too busy shopping for amazing artwork, meeting loads of my friends there and making new friends along the way. 

I made off with some incredible art. 

Just look at this art. 

Look at it. 

I loved this print when I laid eyes on it. I mean, this Great Dane is watching classic cartoons! I love art that captures the quiet solitude of taking in some form of entertainment. 

The colours and the eyes are just amazing.

 Some really great postcards to send to friends with some fantastic art on it. Stickers are adorable too!
Goodies in the $20 Deal

Being a gamer I can relate to all of these characters. Nina is awesome.
Nina Matsumoto - Official artist for Simpsons Comic

One of my coolest friends Justin (comics lover), couldn't make it to VanCaf this weekend so I couldn't help but jump at the idea of getting him a custom made Simpson's print by Nina. 
Nina Matsumoto - Official Simpson's comic artist

Another quiet capture of Nina in her room entertaining herself with her fave comic, music snap with kitty while surrounded by all of her favourite things. Peaceful. Beautiful. 
Nina Matsumoto - Official Simpson's comic artist

I've been meaning to pick up this Camilla special for ages but I wanted her to sign it. 
Camilla D'errico 

So, she signed it for me. :D
Camilla D'errico

 This piece just captured me off-guard. I'm not one for collecting post-apocalyptic art but this piece just spoke to me. I love this composition of the quiet solitude of this "Collector" and the delightful details of what it carries on its back. The hot lava creates a beautiful hot ambience and tells a story. This piece is one of my faves and I just love it. Devin is also a really nice guy who drew a sketch on his business card for me. I look forward to more art by him. 
Devin A Rosychuk

 Jayleen and Jeri of Gurukitty studios are a powerhouse of wonderful hand-drawn/hand-painted art. They have been in the art scene for quite some time and have so many beautiful prints, stories to read and amazing resources and art to share. 
GuruKitty Studios

Seraphim is from a new up-and-coming artist who is such a pleasure to speak to I couldn't help but want to read her comics. 
Lunar Blade

 This little gem is from Maxxx (aka Alexis Sugden) which tells a beautifully illustrated tale of a short-lived female relationship. Definitely NSFW. 
Maxxx Bronwyn

These were too cute not to pick up...

Some more dazzling cards I'm keeping because they are beautiful.
Some of my favorite business cards

 My fave postcards from the VanCaf VIP deal, a beautiful bookmark and small business card.
My fave freebies from the pack and a bookmark (upper middle)

Katrianna Anderson

Despite the fact that this woman had periwinkle purple hair that just spoke to me from across the room, Katrianna really is able to capture the essence and spirit of each of these characters. I really can't wait to read her graphic novel and hang her art on my walls. 

Renee Nault

This beautiful work was done with watercolour and I just couldn't help but be mesmerized by her beautiful visions of mermaids. I grew up drawing hundreds of mermaids and wanting desperately to be one. Still pissed i'm not a mermaid. 

Well, for those who know me or follow me via social media it's totally obvious why I bought the heck out of this stuff. I just about died when I saw all the MARVEL pugs and then I HAD to pick up the delightful little greeting cards and stickers. Gawd I love Pugs and especially my Pug Xena. 


So overall I had a really enjoyable time at Vancaf. Some of the time it was too difficult to walk through the aisles but it just made me wander over to the other building or take a break and sit down for a while. One thing that I really enjoyed was watching some of the crowd take some time out and sit down to draw after absorbing so much wonderful and juicy creative energy! Sketchbooks were at the ready and even my hand is itching to get some stuff out.

If you couldn't make it this year then I highly suggest you go and with a friend or two. You can always split up and meet later and enjoy what you really want to see and make some great contacts or friends in the industry.

Northwest Fan Fest is coming next weekend! I'll be there checking out the crowd and shopping for some more wonderful additions to my walls!

Visit this weekend!!! 


Friday, May 8, 2015

Secret projects, Interview with Justin Stevens, Artists at CG Anomaly and Books to own


Busy Busy busy like a bee working on secret projects. I have a few things on the go so when I can show something, I will definitely post it. I had the luxury of spending time on the set of Cedar Cove recently and had a delightful day in the sun watching the entire cast doing what they do best. It's always an amazing thing when I'm in the vicinity of actors from movies and tv shows from my past who made those shows stand out in my mind because of how much I enjoyed their work. I of course can't talk about the work on the set or what my job was but it was so cool to see how beautiful Andie MacDowell has gracefully aged. She has the most delightful accent that she's known for. Sebastian Spence from First Wave looks as though he hasn't aged a day. I've always had a huge crush on him and I couldn't help myself but enjoy being in his smiling presence. Then there was Bruce Boxleitner. Another star with an accomplished background in film and tv and all the fangirl in me could think about was the fact that I was in the presence of TRON. I didn't see Babylon 5 although I hear he was incredible in that too.

Project: Big Pete's

I have a big upcoming project in the works for my favourite comic book store Big Pete's Comics and Collectibles on Lonsdale of North Vancouver. It's colourful, a lot of fun to work on and I can't wait until it's done. I'll post when it's ready for release.

Interview at Fax Expo Vancouver by the Peak @ SFU

While at Fan Expo at my booth hanging with the coolest of the cool of geeks and fans like myself I was approached by this wonderfully delightful guy who showed interest in my work, Justin Stevens. After speaking briefly he asked me if I would like to perhaps be interesting in doing an interview with him for the Peak newspaper at SFU. I was flattered by the request and gladly accepted. You can read the interview here : In the Artist's Alley with Jaime Gervais

Justin is writer who aspires to be successful in his writing career, a comic book lover and aficionado, a volunteer children's teacher and one of the coolest peeps I know. He currently writes for the Peak @ Simon Fraser University with his signature 'Boohoo/Woohoo' articles which contrast some interesting points that are a blast to read. You can read his articles right here at the Peak!

TOP Secret Project: Justin will be featuring in an upcoming secret project of mine. Details to come.

Happy Smiles at Fan Expo Vancouver! 

Meeting the Artists of my dreams at CG Anomaly Workshop

I had the most wonderful day and evening with some heavyweights of the CG industry! I finally got to meet the lovely Anthony Jones of Robot Pencil, the Master Art Director of Guild Wars Daniel Dociu, the animal anatomy master and Hollywood go-to Star Wars character creator Terryl Whitlach and got a selfie with the amazing concept artist of Tron/Turok Daryl Mandryk! Raphael Lacoste of Assassin's Creed was also killer inspiration with all the many talents of the line up at the Anomaly CG Workshop at the Planetarium. Big shout out to Brian Vidovic and his wonderful crew at EXP Bar for making this most memorable occasion happen and for most importantly making this artist truly very happy! :D



These are some amazing books that need to be owned for anyone who enjoys imaginative art. Be sure to support your local comic book stores like Big Pete's Comics and Collectibles before hitting up the big ones!

Terryl Whitlach Books

Are there any current books that I should be spreading the good word about? Let me know! Until next time - thanks for reading and continue the awesome art!

-J xo

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Working in Television and FanExpo Vancouver!

Well... it's clearly been a month and a HALF since I wrote my last blog.


What a ride.

I've had the utter privilege to work with some amazing people creating amazing sets and props for three shows in the past 1.5 months. It's been an absolute BLAST! I've had so much to do, places to go, studios to work in. I can't wait to do more.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl - Legendary Entertainment: a totally wickedly updated reboot to the 70s sitcom starring Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart. They're quirky, badass, sexy and most of all funny as hell. Love those two.

Suckers - Nickelodeon: I did 6 illustrations for this show that will be apart of the story and showing in the film about Vampires and Ninjas! Can't tell you anything more about it until it comes out! 

MTX! - Disney/Bay City Productions: A Disney pilot that will not air publicly but was created to WOW the producers so the show gets a series! I think they'll get it. It's so incredibly awesome! 

So yeah, 3 show sin 1.5 months and it's been fun as hell. I've met the most wonderful people and got to work on some of the coolest stuff for the shows that will all be caught on camera. Lots of my art will be all over Electra Woman and Dyna Girl so I really can't wait for that and to show you what I did! I can tell you that I created their logos, product placement, other superhero logos and so much more! 

Super sorry for not getting on the blog train but i've only just had time to sit down myself after many long days of creative work/bliss/stress/fun. 


I'll be at table #804 way up near the Artist's Alley. 

Why am I not in the Artist's Alley you ask? 

Let's just say that my table was a gift. :D 

See you there if you are coming! :D 


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend with my dear friend Lyndon

Hello World!

I've been holed up doing some really fun work on a super secret project! I've got a few things going on at the moment and haven't had time to really post much in the past few weeks. Don't worry, it's totally legit and worth it!

I did however get the chance to visit with my precious friend Lyndon (the plant god) and we spent Valentine's Day together strolling around Lonsdale (North Vancouver) enjoying Chai latte's and lots and lots of sushi! As a belated Christmas/Birthday gift I bought him a Spider Man hoodie and he's so absolutely happy about it he can barely contain himself. Ever since he saw his little nephew Koby wearing one he said to me "OMG why don't they make these for ADULTS???". I got really quiet, knowing that they do and kept that little gem of information for a later date.

Here are some pics of one of my truest and most wonderful friends of all time.

Lyndon is an incredibly talented and knowledgable man in the field of plants and cultivating them. I call him either Plant God or Plant Whisperer. He's more at home in the plant world and in the forest than he ever will be in buildings or busy cities. Plants and trees are his life and when he teaches, does talks, does his Radio show on CBC, blogs or just speaks about them - he brings the most wonderful joy and zeal that one cannot simply ignore or not fall in love with him and his plants in his presence.

See his Twitter profile here: @CBCgardener

Lyndon in his new Spider Man hoody.

Friends for life. :D

A family of Crocuses starting to wake up!

Something about a Daffodil is just so illuminating. 

Stunning Crocuses! 

Crocuses are in full bloom when in the sun! My fave colour of course. 

An absolutely STUNNING prehistoric species of plant! 

Lyndon hugging an absolutely STUNNING PREHISTORIC SPECIES! 

Something about Bamboo is ever mesmerizing. :D 

Cheers, J xo

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project: Little Star - Complete!

So my little pet project "Little Star" was completed a little while ago ( Blog Post Link ) and here is the W.I.P. with the finished product following....

I had so much fun creating this little guy. I put some wire in for his horns so that they don't just break if he falls over to the side for any reason. He's totally hollow with tin foil balled up in his middle. 

Little Star - Front

Little Star : 3/4
Now here he is with a size reference of a Canadian quarter. He's not huge, just small enough to fit into my hand. :D The big white shoe next to him is a free standing Gandalf the White. They share my desk with me. 

Little Star size reference (Canadian Quarter)
And that's it! I love Brian Froud's work so much that I was so inspired to do my own little desktop creature. :D <3 a="" art="" else="" everyone="" have="" i="" if="" in="" love="" nbsp="" of="" or="" p="" please="" s="" sculpture="" see="" share="" so="" something="" the="" to="" way="" work="" you="">

Love, Jaime 

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Force for Alexa

What an exceptional day Saturday Jan the 18th was. 

I was thrilled and honoured to be a part of the wonderful charity fundraiser event aptly named, "The Force for Alexa". Pete Turcotte of Big Pete's Comics and Collectibles -

- contacted me a week or so before the event and asked if I would like to help him raise money for his beloved friend and neighbour 13 year-old Alexa who was recently terribly injured as a result of a two-car accident. I've known Pete for many years and I jumped at the chance to be able to help this little girl with her recovery expenses as she has already been painfully recovering for weeks.

Myself (Freelance concept illustrator) , David Arsenault of Bad-Ass Cakes (Pastry chef and 3D cake sculptor),  John Gallagher (official illustrator of The Flash television series), Ed Brisson (comics writer for Sons of Anarchy), the beautiful twins of tWISTED tWINS PRODUCtIONS were all invited and attended the event with an AMAZING turnout! We all sold prints and comics in which a DYNAMITE TOTAL OF $4000 proceeds from Saturday went to Alexa for her and her family!!! AMAZING! So many friends, neighbours and regulars from all over Vancouver gathered to join in the Force for Alexa and made the day absolutely spectacular and an HUGE SUCCESS! 

News Article: Pete and Deanna Turcotte in the North Shore News! Yeah, that's a WOMPA RUG! 
I wanted to create a new piece...

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew that Leia had eventually been trained as a Jedi so I wanted to show her wisdom and the complicated life she had in her eyes. She's a Princess, daughter of a Queen and a homicidal madman, sister to a powerful Jedi, mother to three and now a Jedi. This woman has had many lives all compacted into one. I wanted to also show her as an empowered woman. Everything about Leia pretty much is "Don't Fu** with me" in a little package. I love her character. I finished this print a few days before the event and only released it on the day of. 

Signing Leia Prints! 

David Arsenault of Bad-Ass Cakes

John Gallagher - Illustrator of The Flash TV Series

Ed Brisson - Comic Book Writer

Oh, did I mention that the 501st LEGION was there? They were incredible. There were Star Wars storm troopers all over the store! They are SO COOL as they attend charity events and provide fantastic photo-ops with full gear and even the voice-speakers within the helmets sounded like full-on troopers! These guys were amazing. WOW!

Jedi and Troopers! 

Sh*t's about to get REAL! 

These aren't the comics we're looking for. 

Storm Trooper!!! 

My wonderful friend Jamie "Wookie" and his son with a Jedi and Storm Troopers!

Wookie, Little Wookie and X-Wing fighter pilot! 

Dave made the most amazing custom 3-D Star Wars cookies that he sold with a minimum donation. Needless to say the cookies were gone in the first 2.5 hours. Hah!

Tie-fighter, Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer and X-Wing Fighter! 

They really are as delicious as they look! Sugar cookies with royal icing. 

"She's the fastest ship in the fleet" - Han Solo

What an amazing a heartfelt day of fun, laughter and outpouring of support all in the name of one little girl and her family who can now hopefully feel some ease knowing that they have support of their local community family.

HUGE THANKS to Peter Turcotte and Deanna Turcotte, Jason Wolfe, Jenna and Mom Turcotte of BIG PETE'S COMICS AND COLLECTIBLES and EVERYONE who brought the Force on a very powerful day!