Monday, December 22, 2014

Nickelodeon's Santa Hunters Illustrations

So back in February, I had the awesome pleasure of meeting an Art Director on the North Shore Studios lot. There's something to be said about driving or walking by this place for many years, growing up from a teen to an adult and finally being allowed to pass through the security gates. It's magical. There's this feeling of incredible creativity there. It's like I cross over into another world who welcomes the weird, abstract, conceptual and abnormal kind of people like ... me. I felt immediately accepted and understood as an artist and an illustrator and got to tour the set of the Santa Hunters production that was just released this December.

Here are some of the illustrations I produced for them.

Christmas book

Christmas book being read to the kids!

Close-up of my work on screen! 

Shea the bold - taken from my She-Ra concept

The little girl reading the comic book I made!

It's an amazing thing, seeing my work on screen for many others to see. It makes me so happy that my work went somewhere and was immortalized and captured in real time. I'll admit, I'm addicted. I want more haha.  My journey into film/tv is still going strong and I am determined to stay there. It's like a real fantasy world inside the giant buildings where all of the props and sets are made. This movie featured an amazing treehouse that I got to actually get to spend some time in. 

It was all so fast and so wonderful that I can't wait for more. Walking onto a set for me is like "magic" because that's where all the magic happens behind camera. :D 

You can digitally rent or own Santa Hunters on Amazon Play ! 

Much love and Happy New Year, Jaime 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Xena - my Christmas Pug!

Oooohhh I LOVE this time of year! The collective community spirit is really delightful and filled with joy, love, anticipation of the holidays.... basically Holiday Spirit! I'm enjoying it while it lasts because a good week before Christmas (for those of you who celebrate) I start feeling collective stress and a ticking time-bomb in our little hearts as we try to gather as much stuff as we can to please the people we love. I'm not religious but we do celebrate Christmas as a time for giving, spending time with family and friends, celebrating life, enjoying the peace of everyone tucked in their homes, hugs to those who have been lost to us, cheers to those who have to work through holidays and just exist in the moment and let time slide nice and slowly.

Apart from the obligatory and traditional dinners that take hours to cook for 30 minutes of joy (although I love it), I hope there isn't much else that's asked of you and you can sit and relax with a good book, watch fun movies and enjoy the fruits of your labor and love the body you are currently residing in. :D

My favourite things to do for Christmas is:

  • Build and trim the Christmas tree (ours is fake)
  • Decorate the house with ornaments 
  • Put up and observe Christmas lights! 
  • Bake seasonal cookies for gifts and munching
  • Having our friends over on Christmas Day
  • Enjoying foods for snacks: melted brie/camembert fondue, shrimp, After Eights, Christmas cookies and try not to over-do it because DINNER. 
  • Have Turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, stuffing and a vegetable (differs yearly)
  • Wrapping presents
  • Sending Cards in the mail
  • Making some sort of graphic with Xena in some sort of Christmas cuteness
  • Watching Scrooged and Christmas Vacation
  • Chatting to family
  • Watching Lil' Bub on Youtube with the Yule log 
  • Handing out the presents to open
  • Watching everyone else enjoy their gifts 
  • Chilling with my beautiful pug Xena
  • Donating to a Charity
  • Purchase a sandwich and drink for the homeless 
  • Make sure to smile and thank everyone!

It's nice that we have a yearly thing to enjoy life and those around us. We don't do a ton of presents as we choose to just do a few and relax the shopping craze and enjoy each other! Work has kept me rather busy and updating my website has also been fun! I've added new works and a 'Sketchbook' section to the site. :D 

I hope you have a wonderful Happy Holidays with your traditional Holiday (Chanukah, Chinese New Year, New Years etc) and that you have a wonderful and SAFE time with your friends and family. 

Much love to you, Jaime