Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hella Busy...


November has arrived and wow is it beautiful here in Vancouver, BC Canada! The leaves are changing colours and the streets are now full of rainbows! I love rainbows. I'll admit. Been working on a few projects lately so i've been hella busy!!!

I've been working on some new pieces for my portfolio so that's been wonderful to get going on. I'll post them to my website soon enough. My website is going to also get a huge facelift as well. That's going to be enough work too.

I'm almost finished my little creatures and they are almost totally painted (Baby Groot and Little Star). I will post them next week.

That's all for now with updates coming in the near futures!

Oh, I saw Interstellar last night and I really enjoyed the concepts behind it all. I like Nolan's work and it gave me some interesting ideas for some more future pieces. :D

For now, keep your pencils to paper, stylus to pixels and keep drawing drawing drawing!

Much love, Jaime

ps - I sketched out a little baby Fruit Bat. I wanted to draw something cute.

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