Sunday, September 28, 2014

Super Sculpey pet projects, Series shows and Baby Groot!

Two weeks have flown by like a flash of lightning!

I've been working on some new pet projects with Super Sculpey and finding that having some time to do some sculpting sessions and working in 3D is really creatively charging and very cathartic. I've always loved modelling things but I'm always so hooked on 2D that I forget how much I love to sculpt in 3D. Being a huge fan of Brian Froud's (artist of Labyrinth, Dark Crystal) I wanted to create a little desktop character for myself in the form of a cute little 'friend'. He stands 4 inches tall.

I searched through my 6 Brian Froud books and found this lovely little creature that I felt needed some life breathed into him. I call him my "Little Star".

As you can see I used Brian's book "Runes of Elfland" to help me to create this little creature whom I love have sit on my desk while I decide what colours to paint him. I'd love to see him painted in some creams and violets with some greys in the folds of the fabrics to help bring out some shadows. I'm leaving his face colour the skin tone and painting his little eyes a deep fairy-like black. He will also have little tufts of hair coming out the sides like the picture in either greys or purples and stringy. I will post some more progress in painting Little Sshortly.

A couple of close friends of mine get together weekly to do this little sculpting session and we play movies or TV shows that we've already seen in the background while we work like: Sherlock, Marvel Movies, Star Trek, Hellboy - so we don't have to commit to watching it fully and be too distracted. 
Speaking of shows I'm currently following: Witches of East End S2, Hannibal S1, Once Upon a Time S4 (starts today!!!) and Doctor Who S8 (starting to really like Capaldi).

Coming Up....

I MAY...have something in the works. I have a new Guardians of the Galaxy piece i'm working on and I just finished sculpting a Baby Groot. He stands 7.5 inches tall. I had a world of fun with it and I can't wait to paint this little guy! He's so happy! I will show more as the work progresses. 

Cheers! J xo

Friday, September 12, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - New Illustrations

I have indeed been busy over the past two weeks, working on my portfolio. I am currently working on a series of Guardians of the Galaxy illustrations and here you can see them along with the references used in creating these pieces. I've seen the movie 4 times in theaters and it's still as great and funny every time. This and Captain America Winter Soldier are my two favourite movies of the year. What I wouldn't give for the chance to work on these wonderful Marvel feature films. 

Star Lord saving Gamora - with a little bit more action!

I wanted to portray Star Lord shooting back at Ronan's minions while daring to go into space to save Gamora. I love the scene as it is although I wanted to try working with a character in a zero gee environment.

Star Lord - References

Using references to capture the feel, the look, the textures of the components are a world of fun. Rocket and Groot were a world of fun and I wanted to show their strengths as they work together as a symbiotic partnership. I love how Groot can control his vines and branches at will so I wanted to show him getting angry and going berserk with a burst of branches forming out of his body. Rocket is a genius and a weapons specialist and I love how he uses Groot's height and body to overcome his own lack of height. Here, they are fighting the good fight and not backing down. 

Rocket and Groot

Groot was a challenge that I had a lot of fun with in getting as close to the original texture of his bark-body as I could. Because so many other illustrations show Rocket up on Groot's shoulder  i wanted to show him in a different position and clinging to Groot's body as he fired his weapon. 

References for Rocket and Groot

 I am so happy with the work of James Gunn and his crew with how they all brought their game in making this dream of his a reality and a really AMAZING one. Next up... Drax the Destroyer. I'll have to channel my inner tortured-warrior-brute self and have some fun tearing up the canvas with this one.

Cheers, Jaime xo

Monday, September 1, 2014

Resources for Digital Artists, Concept Artists and Designers

Here is a collection of some of my personal favourite sites to frequent. Consider it a companion list to the Illustration Resources page that I posted previously. I have personally benefitted from all of these links concerning a wide range of needs. Please enjoy these sites and may they bring you many tools of inspiration to do some great art.


The Round Tablet - a digital art landing pad with lots of free tutorials, brushes, inspiration, articles and options to submit your art.
Layer Paint - partnered with 3D Total this is a great resource for digital artists with loads of free tutorials, resources, forums and galleries.
Gumroad - a fantastic storefront for artists to share their tutorials and price them however they wish according to singles or packages.

Gumroad Tutorials for Concept Art:

Maciej Kuciara: Concept Designer and Illustrator for film and TV.
Mark Molnar: Concept Artist for entertainment and game industry.
Kalen Chock: Concept Artist for multiple clients in books, games and film.
Charlie Bowater: Digital Illustrator and concept artist for Atomhawk Games.

Free Fonts

Font Squirrel - Good selection of free Open Type fonts.
DaFont - Good selection of decorative True Type Fonts.
Font Freak - Good selection of decorative True Type Fonts.
1001 Free Fonts - Good selection of decorative True Type Fonts.

Purchase Fonts

MyFonts - Excellent selection of Open Type and Web fonts that are absolutely beautiful with colorful pictorial examples of the font in use. Beautifully designed site.

If you're feeling really creative:

Fontstruct - Online Font creator and gallery with access to free and paid fonts. Nice selection of free Open Type, True Type and Web fonts from the creators. Big gallery and well designed site - if you can handle all that yellow.

Free Textures 

Texture X - Nice selection of high res textures 100% Free with no restrictions.
Lugher Texture - Nice selection of high res textures 100% Free with no restrictions.
Free Stock Textures - Nice selection of high res textures 100% Free with no restrictions.

Now... go forth and make great art!