Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School with Evilyn13

Last night I went to a local Vancouver sketch group called Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School with the feature alt/fetish model Evilyn13 (yes name taken from He-man's Evilyn). I wanted to get out and do some interesting life drawing with my friend Chris and as you can see from my sketches the model was clearly fun to draw. She was adorned in a black lace 50s Bettie Page style lingerie set, super high black patent shoes and she held a riding crop. Getting there a little later left me in a not-so-coveted seating arrangement and since the model didn't really rotate her position we got most of her right side to draw. It's been at least a year-and-a-half since I did any life drawing so it was a really fun and i'm looking to do more.


1min warm ups

5 mins

2 mins

5 mins

10 mins

10 mins

This particular session of Dr. Sketchy's had it's good points and not-so-good-points. 

  • New faces
  • Unusual model
  • New and clean venue
  • Local Vancouver area
  • $12 tix is very reasonable
  • Beer and wine available to purchase
  • Washrooms available
  • Music was electronic chill with an overlapped recording of a woman moaning from oral sex (also a con)
  • Music was too freaking loud like a nightclub
  • No air conditioning, hot as hell
  • Cramped space
  • Lighting wasn't 360 degrees
  • Model didn't rotate for us sideviewer
  • Music was electronic chill with an overlapped recording of a woman moaning from oral sex (it was a con as well as a pro because as interesting as it was it was difficult focussing on drawing while having the images of a woman getting off forced into my mind's eye. 

All-in-all it was a unique night out and a new experience for us to relish and reflect upon. I enjoyed the drawing and will certainly wait until the fall when it's cooler to go to another one. Oh and WITH AN EASEL. Sitting while propping up my book was murder on the wrist and the back (folding chair). 

Cheers, Jaime XO

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My beloved life-long favourite comedian Robin Williams now rests.

I was going to start doing work today but after the news of the tragic death of Robin Williams I feel the need to write about it before I carry on with my day. I was born in the 70s. I wasn't blessed with a very happy life growing up and Robin Williams could make me laugh even in my darkest times. I lovingly watched Mork and Mindy with my parents and remember how funny he was and how he made my family laugh with joy. We used to watch that show all the time and it was a 'happy' time in my life that I remember we all shared until things fell dark and eventually worsened.

I have ALWAYS loved his comedy, his fierce wit, it quick reflexes, his sweet face, his infectious smile and his rich and playful energy. I'm also very changeable but if you ever asked me who my favourite comedian is - it's no doubt Robin Williams. Countless of his movies have left me in tears and stitches from the sheer amount of laughter he had me in. Some of my most favourite movies of all time included him: Goodwill Hunting, What Dreams May Come, Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin (best character ever), Dead Poet's Society and all of his stand-up recorded shows.

The world has lost a brilliant, generous and kind genius of a man. He was apparently as tormented as he was brilliant. The world of entertainment and it's viewers are devastated by this terrible loss. When I heard the news, I cried. I've never cried over someone I have never met dying before. It was terrible. My heart was in a knot and was just wringing out the tears. I told all of my immediate friends and Father and we are all so shocked but none so much as me and my Dad.

He left a beautiful legacy of children and a wife and all the hearts he touched over his amazing career. It's amazing the amount of laughter he brought to the military and many sick children and adults as he kept their hearts alive with laughter. I'm just so heartbroken that nothing could be done for such a sweet, sweet man. I had a pang of ... "but... there must have been SOMETHING one of us could have done!". Depression is real, it's serious and it takes lives every day. I've been battling it to varying degrees all of my life and I maintain to keep an open stream of communication so that if I find myself in the dark from time to time - I have a friend I can call. If there is anything I can say - there is always love to guide us even in the most minimal of forms. We just have to have the heart to follow.

One of the most beautiful people on this planet in my life said, "A friend once told me that it takes a lot of courage to live and it takes a lot of courage to die." It's never an 'easy' way out as some people might think it is especially when we are reminded of those we leave behind.

I will always love you Robin Williams - O Captain My Captain, until time and times are done.
Rest in Mighty peace and shine in the light as you are a light in my life and millions of others.

Love Always, Jaime Gervais

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Getting your work on products and promoting it plus a dash of Neil Gaiman.

I absolutely love the internet. I do. And I love all of the creative minds that allow artists to be able to sell their art on products easily over the internet. Anyone can do it - which means you may have to click through a lot of crap but you can find some really interesting art and designs out there who are freelance and their own business. It's pretty amazing. I was born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s/90s and there was NOTHING like places like Society6 or Redbubble (good quality items) where you could just customize your own stuff and only order one item at a time instead of wholesale bundles 12+ up.

Getting your stuff online is easy - if you know enough about good quality resolution formatting. Always make sure your stuff for print is at least 300dpi (350dpi is better) and makes sure it looks good close-up so that when people "go in for the kill" and look at your work, they will love it instead of finding mistaken sketch marks, parts that don't combine when close-up....etc. If your work is unpolished with a more abstract feel - then you're golden and don't have to worry so much about the details.

The difficult part is now promoting your work. Anyone can have a product but not everyone can sell it. So it might be available online - but will it be seen? Good ways to promote your work are:

  • Wear your own custom designs
  • Use social media to promote (not blast it so many times you get unfollowed)
  • Ask popular bloggers with a good following who is relevant to your style of work to write a piece about you. If they want something in return  - off them one of your products (nothing like an actual review with real experience to plug you)
  • Buy some of your own pieces and give them to prospective clients as gifts
  • Offer some of it as 'swag' for relevant shops/restaurants/bars for when they have parties and giveaways
  • Hold your own prize draws on Instagram/Twitter/Deviantart where you would find a good following

So go forth, create and "make good art" (Neil Gaiman - video below) and don't be afraid to put your work on products - have fun with the utilities you have at your disposal! If you don't know who Neil Gaiman is - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? 

Here are some of mine at Society6 that I just uploaded recently! 

Much Love! :D <3 p="">