Friday, July 4, 2014

Trompe l'oeil painting from the movie Where The Heart Is

In 1990, an amazing movie "Where the Heart Is" was made by a star-studded group of ridiculously talented and current actors who all partook in a series of Trompe l'oeil (Fool the eye - french) paintings as part of the story.  I love the story so I won't give any spoilers here but the movie really outlines the hardships and tireless amounts of works that an artists go through in order to get a project done on time so food can be bought, bills can be paid and rent can be secured. Christopher Plummer plays an old homeless guy who Uma Thurman brought home and he is delightful (see April painting)!!

These paintings are amazing. The process of how they are done are a part of the story so you can see what it takes to create such beautiful works of art where people are hidden with paint and made a direct and indirect part of the painting. The artist that created these works is named Timna Woollard. Little can be found of this artist and he hasn't done anything else in movies before or after this one and he doesn't have much of an online presence. This movie and its works speaks to my heart and my soul as an artist as the works are nothing but pure and absolute genius. 

You can rent this movie on iTunes for $5 or buy it for $20 with a full beautiful 1080p copy. It stars Dabney Coleman, Uma Thurman, Crispin Glover (George McFly!), Christopher Plummer, Suzy Amis, Joanna Cassidy and so many other actors who are still current and respected today. 

The paintings below are a calendar series who the artist in the storyline must complete in a very finite amount of time. She uses the walls of an incredibly old heritage building and her family and roommates as the people hidden within the paintings. All of the cast members had to have the paint applied directly to the skin for such brilliant pieces of trompe l'oeil to be successful. 

Note: the ones with the asterisks are my personal all-time favourites that speak to me the strongest. :) 

*January - with Uma Thurman

February - David Hewlett (Stargate)

*March - with Dabney Coleman, Suzy Amis

*April - with Christopher Plummer

May - with Sheila Kelley

June - with Uma Thurman (In back)

*July - with Crispin Glover

August - with Suzi Amis

September - with Sheila Kelley

October - With Suzi Amis

November - with Christopher Plummer?

*December - with Crispin Glover

I hope you enjoy this delicious movie as much as I did for so many years and that it inspires you to do good art in the world! 

Love, Jaime xo

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