Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pam de Beaufort - ideas and references

I have a long list of fan-fiction art that I have been DYING to get out for many years. Now I can cross one of my favourite characters off of said list: Pam de Beaufort of HBO's True Blood. She is such an incredible character and has the BEST one-liners of the show! 

She's gorgeous, sultry, shallow, sexy, high-maintenance and absolutely BAD-ASS.

When I made this image, I didn't really know what I was going to do. I didn't sketch her out, I wanted to create her as I went along. I love to be free like that. I like to always make edits along the way, lighting, poses, costume...etc. Sometimes I will map out a painting in more detail, but with computers these days, it's not always necessary if you have the right shapes to work with. 

What you see next are all the references I used to create this picture. The background is a mess of different layers of textures and colour overlays. I can always change the background as well - She is completely a cut-out and can put her anywhere. I chose a seedy background that reminded me of the dim glow of Fangtasia lights. Pam however, she was a little more complicated. 

Everything you see below is what I used. It's about 20% of the references that I gathered that gave me great ideas of where I wanted to take her. These references came mostly from google except for the little goth beauty on the upper right - that came from Deviantart in a stock account "Mahafsoun". I really wanted her to have candy-red lips so the lips photo was PERFECT to understand how to create the look that I wanted. Pam's face was incredibly helpful although I did a LOT of work including changing the direction of her gaze. The choker image is what inspired me to create my own crochet choker with the Mystic Topaz in the middle of it. Everything else from the hair, the blood on Angelina's lips, the corset, damask pattern and even the cleavage were all instrumental in making Pam a really fun piece to do.

I will be attending FanExpo Vancouver 2014 as a Guest Artists and Pam will most surely be there alongside other works I intend to do get into! Right now, you can buy prints of Pam on various different mediums at on my Prints page

I plan on doing a few more characters from True Blood, but not necessarily around the same time, and probably not the ones who have been over-done. I am DYING to do an illustration of Lafayette! Another one of my personal faves who gets all the best one-liners. I love his character so much. Jessica is also on my list as she has strikingly beautiful eyes, gorgeous red hair and a certain innocence about her that I truly love and adore. There *may* be an Eric along the way but I make no promises. :D

Thanks so much for reading and supporting me friends. I always love to read from you so please feel free to leave any comments you may have. 

Love, Art and Light, Jaime xo

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