Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life as an Artist: Importance of self-care

So being an artist is a continuous balancing act, like every other job. Just like anyone else, we can get so involved in our work that we forget to stop and smell the flowers and relax and enjoy life. Taking some 'time out' relieves a lot of stress and helps us to enjoy the rewards of our triumphs and reminds us to appreciate the precious things in life like: Trees, Water, Earth, Oxygen, Family (pets included), Friends and Nature.

I decided to take a trip down to the little creek near the end of my street. It's beautiful and a great place to take dogs and relax. It's been 30 degrees with no breeze all week here, in Vancouver BC. So I grabbed lots of water, a small snack, my beautiful Pug Xena (Warrior Princess) and we ventured into a beautiful piece of Mother Nature together. 

Here Xena is chillin on a rock and balancing ever so beautifully. I have to keep her on a leash right now because it's bear season. Xena is pretty amazing on her feet. She was hopping from rock to rock with confidence of a mountain goat. See here: 

She stayed with her feet in the water like this (half in / half out) for a good two minutes. it was adorable. She likes water, just only up to her paws. Anything more and she's just not digging it. She's on guard, watching as other dog-walkers walk by on a path close to the right. 

Here, she found a nice rock on the other side of the creek and basically told me with that look, "No Way, Mom. You can bite it over there on YOUR rock. I have MINE.". I had to eventually bribe her with little bits of bread and she finally saw the light and that there's something in it for her in getting her paws wet. Food, there is no other driving force in a Pug's life. Thankfully, it can be wielded by the food-holder! Ha! 

Total rock selfie here. We both shared a rock together and she eventually slid down next to me and I kept her from falling off. We shared some fantastic snuggles! She was also my protector as she barked at anyone who came close. Two people did and she wouldn't have any of it! As you can see, it's so hot my hair is melting off of my face. My makeup however managed to hold together beautifully. Gotta love Urban Decay for it's staying power.

"That far off dog of the woods look". She totally posed for this. She kept turning away and holding every time I put my phone up to take a shot. Little bugger. What a great capture. I bought her that collar with the little silver bones on it. It's purple color is no accident. :)

Perfect opportunity to do some feet dipping. It was SOOO COLD at first. 
Then I kept them in there a good half hour. It was incredibly refreshing and grounding. 

Fungus step! I love fungus. I probably shouldn't but it's like a fairy's shelf to me (Thanks to brownies and girl guides). I really want to put things on it. Damn my domesticated upbringing. What a great reference photo that can be used in a later date for some artwork! 

Look! The fungus goes all the way up!! Sooo kewl. Fairies can dance all the way up the tree! Tree party!

So in the end, we walked back home feeling refreshed, rested, tired and thoroughly enjoyed our little hike, Xena and I. She is such a wonderful companion. Best little friend i've ever had for a pet. I've had other wonderful dogs in the past but this little darling and I bonded when we first picked her up. So thanks for reading and remember to enjoy your outer world surroundings if you feel cooped up due to projects and work piling high. Even a half-hour or hour walk is so great to get the blood moving, the lungs breathing and the mind resting. 

Viva la Nature! 

Love and Art - Jaime xo

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