Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Texture and tonal study and some Mass Effect sketching

I had some new brushes to get to know and I certainly had a great time with this tonal/portrait study. I wanted a rough feel with some sharp details while retaining a painterly look. I use photoshop and brushes either I made myself or found on Devianart.com. I love to paint and draw faces and to create the looks of characters so that they have a story to tell in their facial expression (photo references used) and in their costumes.

I had the urge to sketch out some faces the other night (below) and I found myself drawing characters from memory from my favourite Sci-fi game: Mass Effect. I think I only spend a good 20 minutes sketching. Was a great exercise. 

It's always like Christmas when i find new textures, brushes, patterns etc. for Photoshop that are free for me to use. I also love making my own to see what I can come up with and it still boggles my mind and amazes me using Photoshops incredibly strong engine for brush creating. I'm always learning new things and having happy accidents. I am an explorer by heart so to explore in a world where I have creative freedom is amazing. 

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