Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Texture and tonal study and some Mass Effect sketching

I had some new brushes to get to know and I certainly had a great time with this tonal/portrait study. I wanted a rough feel with some sharp details while retaining a painterly look. I use photoshop and brushes either I made myself or found on Devianart.com. I love to paint and draw faces and to create the looks of characters so that they have a story to tell in their facial expression (photo references used) and in their costumes.

I had the urge to sketch out some faces the other night (below) and I found myself drawing characters from memory from my favourite Sci-fi game: Mass Effect. I think I only spend a good 20 minutes sketching. Was a great exercise. 

It's always like Christmas when i find new textures, brushes, patterns etc. for Photoshop that are free for me to use. I also love making my own to see what I can come up with and it still boggles my mind and amazes me using Photoshops incredibly strong engine for brush creating. I'm always learning new things and having happy accidents. I am an explorer by heart so to explore in a world where I have creative freedom is amazing. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For Lyndon

I have this wonderful friend who represents everything good in the world to me. His name is Lyndon Penner and he is a writer, nature lover and landscape architect who paints his world in flowers, plants and all things natural. Lyndon is a true lover of the outdoors and would rather spend his time in a beautiful national park than in a bustling city. He is also a magnificent teacher and so well-loved and respected in his circles of Western Canada. 

His love for nature is his true passion and when he teaches, you can truly understand and see why he gets so excited when he's talking about the plant world. He has recently written two books that can be found on Amazon that are about gardening in the Chinook Region and Canadian Prairies. You can find them with the links below the books. 

If you would like to read Lyndon's Blog, you can see it here: Lyndon's Blog

Dave and I were walking in a beautiful garden on a sunny day off from our work and every time I step into a place that surrounds me with plantlife, I try to see through Lyndon's eyes and wonder what he would tell me about the plants I'm looking at. 

 "You see that one over there? It's the (insert Latin name here) and is absolutely GORGEOUS when they bloom."
"That one here, that's the (insert Latin name here) and it's useless. Totally useless and really just a garbage plant. A disappointment really" 

He's the most entertaining person I have ever met with a solid heart of gold, a fellow foodie and has a smile and a laugh that is not only infectious but absolutely memorable. When he comes back to my region (Vancouver), I will be ecstatic to have my friend back where we can share tales of fun, art, plants, misery, stresses, dogs etc over a nice cup of tea or coffee and then everything will be right in my world.  That won't be until September so until then, I have taken some photos of beautiful plants and flowers in the garden yesterday for him. I hope you enjoy!

p.s. - He can tell you the latin name of every one of those species. That's nuts. And amazing.


Lyndon's book! Find here.

Lyndon's other book! Find here.