Monday, March 3, 2014

She-Ra Princess of Power Concept

Nothing like returning to a childhood favourite and hero to inspire some new artwork and concepts. She-Ra was my hero, as was her crew of the Great Rebellion (Frosta, Glimmer, Bow, Angella etc.) that brought and kept magic in my life at a young age.

Today's age... however... is different. Things are changing. Not to mention fashion over function.
We aren't fooled by She-Ra's unrealistic body shape, nor her choice of warrior's armour because there simply isn't any. Granted, she might be immortal but seriously... 

We know she'd be falling out of that kerchief-of-a-dress/bustier get-up if she tried to swing that sword of hers. So... i endeavoured to not only make her more modern, but also make her look more 'Believable' as we have seen next to everything and just aren't fooled anymore, thanks to image and information overload on the internet.

THANKFULLY, the She-Ra series is based in a world where technology of science-fiction and unexplainable magic fantasy combine. This lead me to make utilize the use of light metals, lasers (light saber-like) combined with a Spartan Warrior feel.

My sketch here shows some ideas and details of where I wanted to go with it along with how I wanted to represent her. This is a personal project so I had ultimate creative autonomy.

Major Changes: 

Crown/Visor: Transforms into eye/shied for heavy battle
Face: Young but no make-up
Body: More realistic shape (Athletic vs. Barbie Doll)
Clothing: Metal armour, Mixed with leather, Scale-Mail (fully clothed and protected)
Legs: Covered in leather with rivets for more movement and agility
Bust: Smaller, more athletic breast size and fully protected
Skirt: Leather, Decorative and split for movement
Arms/Soft areas of body: Scale-mail for movement
Knees: Heavy Protected with light metals and for striking
Boots: Moveable Light metals in low-heels (no useless high heeels)
Shoulders: Leather Protected (lightweight)
Sword: Spikes fold inside itself for compact transport, lightweight metals
(light saber-like capability for strength in lightweight weapon)

It was fun in keeping with the original look of She-Ra only making her look very ornamental and Battle-Ready. This is the start of a possibly long-line of concepts in the She-Ra world. 

Cheers, Jaime

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