Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: YogaHands

Meet YogaHands

Are they for realz? Yes.

After reading Mike 'Daarken' Lim's review on these babies and after so much hand, wrist and arm pain from carpal tunnel and tendonitis while drawing I decided to give them a try. 

And if you don't know who Mr. Lim is... then please take a quick look over at this incredibly skilled artists's works over here: Art of Daarken

Let's get down to the details and then I will get into my own experience with them.

Firstly, the price.

$40 bucks? At first, it seems pretty steep for a couple of plastic do-thingy's that I can probably find cheaper elsewhere. Then after realizing how much pain I was in all the time and NOTHING short of doping up on Advil (which does very little) was working, it was time to shell it out and try them. Then you figure, for all the money physical therapy, doctor's visits, creams, painkillers I would have to eventually take if it got unbearable... $40 for good hand health is CHEAP. I mean, you could by a top for $40 and wear it for a season until you can't wear it anymore for that price. I've had these for a year and they are in MINT condition. 

Also, they have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't like 'em, give 'em back!

So yeah, it's worth it. Definitely. 

Secondly, they claim to fight: 

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 • Hand Cramps
 • Tennis Elbow
 • Radial Tunnel Syndrome

 • Wrist Tendonitis
      • Joint Pain in Fingers
      • Hand Fatigue
      • Sore Hands
      • Dupuytren's Disease
      • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

One thing that i like here is that they don't claim to CURE anything. This is all about how natural stretching 'Yoga' will help to ALLEVIATE and FIGHT these ailments. 

"YogaHands® are made in the U.S.A of lightweight and comfortable material. Their sturdy and compact design make them easy to bring with you anywhere." - yes, they are. 

They are clear that 'One size fits most' and a few rules of caution they warn you about. 

Thirdly, my own experience:

I bought my own set a year ago and I am really happy I did (see photo below). When my hands, fingers or wrist starts to feel numb or sore from simple movements or strain (some days are worse than others) then I stop, break out my Yoga Hands and watch a few YouTube webisodes for a good 20 minute break-time. 

My own hand getting a good stretch.

At first my fingers feel a little stretched out but the strain feels really good, as though they SHOULDN'T be so stiff and are meant to feel this way. I don't ever force them down on my fingers, I gradually work my way down when it feels comfortable. 

Sometimes half-way through I will take them off, stretch and crunch my fist up and then put them back on for another 10 minutes. 

I can't believe how well they've worked for me. I mean... $40 bux seems a little pricey for something so simple but after experiencing it first hand... i'm a believer. 

So in conclusion: 

For the affordable price of $40, you get a pair of YogaHands that will help you manage and alleviate many types of hand and wrist ailments, they are light and easy to carry, there is a 30-day risk free money-back guarantee and they are available to buy online any time. 

Because I work on my computer every single day for professional and personal use, YogaHands have been a blessing and sit next to my monitor every day, next to my Gunnar Optiks glasses and my Smudge Guard. 

I hope that you also have a good experience with this product as I will no doubt be investing in their sister product "YogaToes". 

Thanks so much and don't forget to comment! 

Cheers, Jaime xo