Monday, December 22, 2014

Nickelodeon's Santa Hunters Illustrations

So back in February, I had the awesome pleasure of meeting an Art Director on the North Shore Studios lot. There's something to be said about driving or walking by this place for many years, growing up from a teen to an adult and finally being allowed to pass through the security gates. It's magical. There's this feeling of incredible creativity there. It's like I cross over into another world who welcomes the weird, abstract, conceptual and abnormal kind of people like ... me. I felt immediately accepted and understood as an artist and an illustrator and got to tour the set of the Santa Hunters production that was just released this December.

Here are some of the illustrations I produced for them.

Christmas book

Christmas book being read to the kids!

Close-up of my work on screen! 

Shea the bold - taken from my She-Ra concept

The little girl reading the comic book I made!

It's an amazing thing, seeing my work on screen for many others to see. It makes me so happy that my work went somewhere and was immortalized and captured in real time. I'll admit, I'm addicted. I want more haha.  My journey into film/tv is still going strong and I am determined to stay there. It's like a real fantasy world inside the giant buildings where all of the props and sets are made. This movie featured an amazing treehouse that I got to actually get to spend some time in. 

It was all so fast and so wonderful that I can't wait for more. Walking onto a set for me is like "magic" because that's where all the magic happens behind camera. :D 

You can digitally rent or own Santa Hunters on Amazon Play ! 

Much love and Happy New Year, Jaime 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Xena - my Christmas Pug!

Oooohhh I LOVE this time of year! The collective community spirit is really delightful and filled with joy, love, anticipation of the holidays.... basically Holiday Spirit! I'm enjoying it while it lasts because a good week before Christmas (for those of you who celebrate) I start feeling collective stress and a ticking time-bomb in our little hearts as we try to gather as much stuff as we can to please the people we love. I'm not religious but we do celebrate Christmas as a time for giving, spending time with family and friends, celebrating life, enjoying the peace of everyone tucked in their homes, hugs to those who have been lost to us, cheers to those who have to work through holidays and just exist in the moment and let time slide nice and slowly.

Apart from the obligatory and traditional dinners that take hours to cook for 30 minutes of joy (although I love it), I hope there isn't much else that's asked of you and you can sit and relax with a good book, watch fun movies and enjoy the fruits of your labor and love the body you are currently residing in. :D

My favourite things to do for Christmas is:

  • Build and trim the Christmas tree (ours is fake)
  • Decorate the house with ornaments 
  • Put up and observe Christmas lights! 
  • Bake seasonal cookies for gifts and munching
  • Having our friends over on Christmas Day
  • Enjoying foods for snacks: melted brie/camembert fondue, shrimp, After Eights, Christmas cookies and try not to over-do it because DINNER. 
  • Have Turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, stuffing and a vegetable (differs yearly)
  • Wrapping presents
  • Sending Cards in the mail
  • Making some sort of graphic with Xena in some sort of Christmas cuteness
  • Watching Scrooged and Christmas Vacation
  • Chatting to family
  • Watching Lil' Bub on Youtube with the Yule log 
  • Handing out the presents to open
  • Watching everyone else enjoy their gifts 
  • Chilling with my beautiful pug Xena
  • Donating to a Charity
  • Purchase a sandwich and drink for the homeless 
  • Make sure to smile and thank everyone!

It's nice that we have a yearly thing to enjoy life and those around us. We don't do a ton of presents as we choose to just do a few and relax the shopping craze and enjoy each other! Work has kept me rather busy and updating my website has also been fun! I've added new works and a 'Sketchbook' section to the site. :D 

I hope you have a wonderful Happy Holidays with your traditional Holiday (Chanukah, Chinese New Year, New Years etc) and that you have a wonderful and SAFE time with your friends and family. 

Much love to you, Jaime 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sketch made with vector-based app "Mischief" inspired by the short filmAmbition

I've really been inspired by the Rosetta mission and the beautiful short film "Ambition" starring Aidan Gillen and Aisling Franscoisi. Check it out here:

I'm such a sucker for a beautiful piece of science fiction and creative futuristic concept like this movie. The soundtrack is also wonderful. Listen here on SoundCloud: 

I've also so DELIGHTED with the new VECTOR-BASED drawing program "Mischief"

It's amazeballs. NO REALLY. AMAZEBALLS. Being VECTOR, you can resize and upscale as much as you want when you save your selection. It's light, extremely responsive to draw with, has beautiful realistic pencil/ink and airbrush brushes to work with, full colour wheel and layers! It's still in its infancy and was recently bought by Theme Foundry so I imagine there will be some remarkable changes coming soon to this GEM of a program. 
Keep in mind, this isn't Photoshop nor is it supposed to be. There aren't any layer styles or typography - this is strictly for illustrating, sketching, drawing, painting freehand with absolute ease.

I, for one LOVE the ease and flow of the pencils. It even beat out Sketchbook Pro for me. 
You can also choose between a selection of paper backgrounds (coloured, textured) to draw on! 
I also LOVE the way I can easily move the canvas around and keep sketching infinitely around my pictures, then select what I want to keep and export in as HIGH RES AS YOU WANT it in as a PSD or JPG or PNG!! 

YEAH, i'm hooked. Great program and I love where it's going. Check it out! 

Some artwork done by artists using Mischief:

Best part is the FULL version is only $24 and you can download a 'lite' version for free and see if you like it! 

This is my 60-min sketch of the apprentice of the short film "Ambition". I can't get over how lovely and easy the pencils were to use. Definitely my new favourite. 

So check this darling of a program out and watch Ambition and see what you think! 

Much love, Jaime

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hella Busy...


November has arrived and wow is it beautiful here in Vancouver, BC Canada! The leaves are changing colours and the streets are now full of rainbows! I love rainbows. I'll admit. Been working on a few projects lately so i've been hella busy!!!

I've been working on some new pieces for my portfolio so that's been wonderful to get going on. I'll post them to my website soon enough. My website is going to also get a huge facelift as well. That's going to be enough work too.

I'm almost finished my little creatures and they are almost totally painted (Baby Groot and Little Star). I will post them next week.

That's all for now with updates coming in the near futures!

Oh, I saw Interstellar last night and I really enjoyed the concepts behind it all. I like Nolan's work and it gave me some interesting ideas for some more future pieces. :D

For now, keep your pencils to paper, stylus to pixels and keep drawing drawing drawing!

Much love, Jaime

ps - I sketched out a little baby Fruit Bat. I wanted to draw something cute.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sketchbook Connoisseur

I have this problem and I don't think I'm alone here...

I love sketchbooks.

I do.

I love the look of them, the idea of them, the designs, the feel, the everything. I love sketchbooks so much that I buy them even though I have other ones that are only half-used, barely used or not even used up at all because I bought them and then forgot about them entirely.

I have Moleskines (Limited Editions, ruled, plain, sketchbook, watercolour, folio etc), Cachet, Strathmore, Canson, Bateman, Ecosystem, SRK, Fabriano, and most recently Copic and Mix Media (Canson) sketchbooks.

I've even HAND-BOUND my own book using custom sizing, custom cut choice Stonehenge paper, Vellum and tracing with fancy decorative paper on the outside.

It's like having a personal collection of different books with different personalities that reflect different stages within my life as a human and an artist.

I swear I go in waves. I don't even sketch as much as I should really. I've become more slack in that sadly, since I've been out of school for over a year. It was easy to sketch and draw during lectures where I could listen and doodle and take notes on the side.

My sketchbook collection over the past 5 years.

While I was going through my sketchbook collection I realized that I have become this uptight, overly-critical sketchbook critic that can't be happy with just ONE kind of sketchbook. I can always find great things about them, but then I find all the things I don't like about them and then take forever in the store mulling over the different reasons why I should or shouldn't buy a sketchbook.

Price is always a factor and now that I am trying NOT to carry too much on my back at all times I find that weight and size has become an important factor when choosing the right sketchbook.

I have my pros and cons with each sketchbook as I have yet to find the right sketchbook that is the ultimate in perfection for me so It's become this quest to find the One Sketchbook To Rule Them All.

It's frustrating really because it totally takes away the entire point of having a sketchbook in the first place: A mobile, bound collection of paper to keep rough sketches in. Thanks to consumerism and having like MILLIONS of sketchbooks (that may be exaggerating a bit) to choose from - one can't help but seek to be successful in finding the RIGHT sketchbook for travel, ease of use blah blah blah. I even have a sketchbook that I covered with art from artists whom I love that Fabriano used to make with rainbow-coloured paper inside! Then I find the colours to not be of my liking and can also change the effect of what and how I draw in it due to dark and light colouring.


Ahhh...but then you have to factor in some things before you get started like paperweight, tooth and size.

If you intend to ink your drawings then it's best to go with heavy weight paper with a smooth surface that won't bleed (Ink Paper or Multimedia).

I personally like a paper with tooth that drags my pencil and gives me nice ease of line-making and also has a bit of texture when shading. Sometimes with my purple COLOR ENO (My ultimate pencil) I like to use a smoother paper for smooth strokes but not all the time. (Sketchbook A.D.D.)

If you aren't using heavyweight paper, watercolour paper or multimedia paper - then what's the point? You're going to make a mess, the paper will be wrinkled and bleed right through to the next one. Not rocket-science.


I used to work in an artists supply store so i've had the pleasure to use, be informed of and experience some pretty awesome sketchbooks. My knowledge is about 4 years old now and there have been some exciting and awesome new books that have come out by popular brands that I just can't even keep up with. I just can't! Cannot!

I figure that a sketchbook is like a cup of tea. Every one is a different flavor that will suit a need (at the time) and just pick one up and use the damned thing. I'm not sure when I started to become so particular with my sketchbooks but it could have been from my prior job at the art store because when you have such a range of media at your fingertips at all times - you kind of go from one thing to the other really quickly and get bored fast. Too many choices.

My TOP Sketchbook favorites list: 

1. Ecosystem Sketchbooks (Large Hardcover Blank Journal)

Why I love them:

  • Perfect size (wider width than a Moleskine and still compact)
  • Smooth off-white heavyweight paper for easy inking, detail work and fine pencil lines
  • No ink bleed
  • Erases really nicely (using Vinyl erasers like Staedtlers usually available at any local office or art supply stores)
  • VERY eco-friendly and environment conscious regarding paper, process and carbon footprint
  • Comes in purple and other stylish colours
  • Reasonably priced ($20-ish CAD)
  • Inner-envelope pocket storage, bookmark and elastic closure
  • Not readily available in local art supply stores (near me)

2. Copic Marker Sketchbooks (9x12 spiral bound)

Why I love them:

  • Great for lefties or righties you can start from either end based on portrait or landscape style and the rings won't get in the way of real estate space or your drawing hand
  • Small ring binding (Large rings are cumbersome and ruin easily)
  • Smooth white heavyweight paper for easy inking, detail work and fine pencil lines
  • Made for Copic products (I use Copic Multiliners and it's beautiful)
  • No ink bleed
  • Erases really nicely (using Vinyl erasers like Staedtlers usually available at any local office or art supply stores)
  • Reasonably priced ($18ish CAD)
  • Found at local art supply stores or online
  • A talented artist friend and certified COPIC demonstrator loved it and gave it a great review: Marker-Guru at Guru Kitty Studios and
  • No elastic closure to protect page corners from bending/getting damaged *I use a hair band-elastic (yes, purple) and it fits perfectly around the book without bending and keeps pages protected during transport*

3. Moleskine Sketchbooks (Folio A3, Blank Journal and Watercolour)

Why I love them: 
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours, vocations etc.
  • Available at local independent or commercial bookstores, art/office supply stores as well as online
  • Folio is a great size with off-white paper (none of that yucky yellow paper), no ink bleed, erases really nicely (using Vinyl erasers like Staedtlers usually available at any local office or art supply stores)
  • Watercolour (landscape) has great heavy paper for watercolour or multimedia, nice tooth to paper, holds paint without bleeding
  • Trademark inner-envelope, bookmark and elastic closure
  • Price $25-$45ish CAD
  • Not reasonably priced in my opinion when there are many other similar types of sketchbooks available now that are better priced and some with better functionality

Right now i'm rocking the COPIC Marker sketchbook and finally using up the Eco-system sketchbook. If I'm feeling slightly sketchy i'll bring out my small Moleskine Limited Edition Lord of the Rings sketchbook for it's light weight and thinner pages for light sketching.

So that's my current view on sketchbooks based on my own personal experience so far. I'm sure there are many other amazing sketchbooks out there so please DO INFORM and leave me a comment or a note as to where I can find prized sketchbook.

Until then, good luck on your quest for own perfect Sketchbook(s) to Rule them All and above all:

-J xo

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Apothecary and Today is my Birthday!

WHERE... does the time go? O_O



Art and life things (laundry, house cleaning, dog caring, grooming) have been keeping me busy and it's been a blast. Today i've been receiving so many wonderful birthday wishes on Facebook and from friend texts that it's been truly heartwarming. :D

So I've been working on a set design of an Apothecary. I had a world of fun with it as I just shopped around for things all over the internet and made myself a very arcane place, full of herbs, tinctures, sculptures, knowledge and so on. It was so nice that I, myself would LOVE to live in it haha. Lots of old furniture and cabinets.

This is completely a photo manipulation. I'm not selling this work as a print as it has been created for my personal portfolio. So all of the objects are not mine and they were found using Google Images. :D

I created this from the ground-up using only some perspective lines and going from there. I wanted a dark and moody feel to this place with an arcane feel of occult knowledge. I may have gotten carried away with the details but it was too much fun!

Update on Groot and Star sculptures : Almost complete with another paint job for both on the way- they should be ready by next week! :D

Until then, I will be working on a Science Lab and filling it with all sorts of scienc-y stuff and such! It will be so much fun!

Loves, Me!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Super Sculpey pet projects, Series shows and Baby Groot!

Two weeks have flown by like a flash of lightning!

I've been working on some new pet projects with Super Sculpey and finding that having some time to do some sculpting sessions and working in 3D is really creatively charging and very cathartic. I've always loved modelling things but I'm always so hooked on 2D that I forget how much I love to sculpt in 3D. Being a huge fan of Brian Froud's (artist of Labyrinth, Dark Crystal) I wanted to create a little desktop character for myself in the form of a cute little 'friend'. He stands 4 inches tall.

I searched through my 6 Brian Froud books and found this lovely little creature that I felt needed some life breathed into him. I call him my "Little Star".

As you can see I used Brian's book "Runes of Elfland" to help me to create this little creature whom I love have sit on my desk while I decide what colours to paint him. I'd love to see him painted in some creams and violets with some greys in the folds of the fabrics to help bring out some shadows. I'm leaving his face colour the skin tone and painting his little eyes a deep fairy-like black. He will also have little tufts of hair coming out the sides like the picture in either greys or purples and stringy. I will post some more progress in painting Little Sshortly.

A couple of close friends of mine get together weekly to do this little sculpting session and we play movies or TV shows that we've already seen in the background while we work like: Sherlock, Marvel Movies, Star Trek, Hellboy - so we don't have to commit to watching it fully and be too distracted. 
Speaking of shows I'm currently following: Witches of East End S2, Hannibal S1, Once Upon a Time S4 (starts today!!!) and Doctor Who S8 (starting to really like Capaldi).

Coming Up....

I MAY...have something in the works. I have a new Guardians of the Galaxy piece i'm working on and I just finished sculpting a Baby Groot. He stands 7.5 inches tall. I had a world of fun with it and I can't wait to paint this little guy! He's so happy! I will show more as the work progresses. 

Cheers! J xo

Friday, September 12, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - New Illustrations

I have indeed been busy over the past two weeks, working on my portfolio. I am currently working on a series of Guardians of the Galaxy illustrations and here you can see them along with the references used in creating these pieces. I've seen the movie 4 times in theaters and it's still as great and funny every time. This and Captain America Winter Soldier are my two favourite movies of the year. What I wouldn't give for the chance to work on these wonderful Marvel feature films. 

Star Lord saving Gamora - with a little bit more action!

I wanted to portray Star Lord shooting back at Ronan's minions while daring to go into space to save Gamora. I love the scene as it is although I wanted to try working with a character in a zero gee environment.

Star Lord - References

Using references to capture the feel, the look, the textures of the components are a world of fun. Rocket and Groot were a world of fun and I wanted to show their strengths as they work together as a symbiotic partnership. I love how Groot can control his vines and branches at will so I wanted to show him getting angry and going berserk with a burst of branches forming out of his body. Rocket is a genius and a weapons specialist and I love how he uses Groot's height and body to overcome his own lack of height. Here, they are fighting the good fight and not backing down. 

Rocket and Groot

Groot was a challenge that I had a lot of fun with in getting as close to the original texture of his bark-body as I could. Because so many other illustrations show Rocket up on Groot's shoulder  i wanted to show him in a different position and clinging to Groot's body as he fired his weapon. 

References for Rocket and Groot

 I am so happy with the work of James Gunn and his crew with how they all brought their game in making this dream of his a reality and a really AMAZING one. Next up... Drax the Destroyer. I'll have to channel my inner tortured-warrior-brute self and have some fun tearing up the canvas with this one.

Cheers, Jaime xo

Monday, September 1, 2014

Resources for Digital Artists, Concept Artists and Designers

Here is a collection of some of my personal favourite sites to frequent. Consider it a companion list to the Illustration Resources page that I posted previously. I have personally benefitted from all of these links concerning a wide range of needs. Please enjoy these sites and may they bring you many tools of inspiration to do some great art.


The Round Tablet - a digital art landing pad with lots of free tutorials, brushes, inspiration, articles and options to submit your art.
Layer Paint - partnered with 3D Total this is a great resource for digital artists with loads of free tutorials, resources, forums and galleries.
Gumroad - a fantastic storefront for artists to share their tutorials and price them however they wish according to singles or packages.

Gumroad Tutorials for Concept Art:

Maciej Kuciara: Concept Designer and Illustrator for film and TV.
Mark Molnar: Concept Artist for entertainment and game industry.
Kalen Chock: Concept Artist for multiple clients in books, games and film.
Charlie Bowater: Digital Illustrator and concept artist for Atomhawk Games.

Free Fonts

Font Squirrel - Good selection of free Open Type fonts.
DaFont - Good selection of decorative True Type Fonts.
Font Freak - Good selection of decorative True Type Fonts.
1001 Free Fonts - Good selection of decorative True Type Fonts.

Purchase Fonts

MyFonts - Excellent selection of Open Type and Web fonts that are absolutely beautiful with colorful pictorial examples of the font in use. Beautifully designed site.

If you're feeling really creative:

Fontstruct - Online Font creator and gallery with access to free and paid fonts. Nice selection of free Open Type, True Type and Web fonts from the creators. Big gallery and well designed site - if you can handle all that yellow.

Free Textures 

Texture X - Nice selection of high res textures 100% Free with no restrictions.
Lugher Texture - Nice selection of high res textures 100% Free with no restrictions.
Free Stock Textures - Nice selection of high res textures 100% Free with no restrictions.

Now... go forth and make great art!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School with Evilyn13

Last night I went to a local Vancouver sketch group called Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School with the feature alt/fetish model Evilyn13 (yes name taken from He-man's Evilyn). I wanted to get out and do some interesting life drawing with my friend Chris and as you can see from my sketches the model was clearly fun to draw. She was adorned in a black lace 50s Bettie Page style lingerie set, super high black patent shoes and she held a riding crop. Getting there a little later left me in a not-so-coveted seating arrangement and since the model didn't really rotate her position we got most of her right side to draw. It's been at least a year-and-a-half since I did any life drawing so it was a really fun and i'm looking to do more.


1min warm ups

5 mins

2 mins

5 mins

10 mins

10 mins

This particular session of Dr. Sketchy's had it's good points and not-so-good-points. 

  • New faces
  • Unusual model
  • New and clean venue
  • Local Vancouver area
  • $12 tix is very reasonable
  • Beer and wine available to purchase
  • Washrooms available
  • Music was electronic chill with an overlapped recording of a woman moaning from oral sex (also a con)
  • Music was too freaking loud like a nightclub
  • No air conditioning, hot as hell
  • Cramped space
  • Lighting wasn't 360 degrees
  • Model didn't rotate for us sideviewer
  • Music was electronic chill with an overlapped recording of a woman moaning from oral sex (it was a con as well as a pro because as interesting as it was it was difficult focussing on drawing while having the images of a woman getting off forced into my mind's eye. 

All-in-all it was a unique night out and a new experience for us to relish and reflect upon. I enjoyed the drawing and will certainly wait until the fall when it's cooler to go to another one. Oh and WITH AN EASEL. Sitting while propping up my book was murder on the wrist and the back (folding chair). 

Cheers, Jaime XO

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My beloved life-long favourite comedian Robin Williams now rests.

I was going to start doing work today but after the news of the tragic death of Robin Williams I feel the need to write about it before I carry on with my day. I was born in the 70s. I wasn't blessed with a very happy life growing up and Robin Williams could make me laugh even in my darkest times. I lovingly watched Mork and Mindy with my parents and remember how funny he was and how he made my family laugh with joy. We used to watch that show all the time and it was a 'happy' time in my life that I remember we all shared until things fell dark and eventually worsened.

I have ALWAYS loved his comedy, his fierce wit, it quick reflexes, his sweet face, his infectious smile and his rich and playful energy. I'm also very changeable but if you ever asked me who my favourite comedian is - it's no doubt Robin Williams. Countless of his movies have left me in tears and stitches from the sheer amount of laughter he had me in. Some of my most favourite movies of all time included him: Goodwill Hunting, What Dreams May Come, Good Morning Vietnam, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin (best character ever), Dead Poet's Society and all of his stand-up recorded shows.

The world has lost a brilliant, generous and kind genius of a man. He was apparently as tormented as he was brilliant. The world of entertainment and it's viewers are devastated by this terrible loss. When I heard the news, I cried. I've never cried over someone I have never met dying before. It was terrible. My heart was in a knot and was just wringing out the tears. I told all of my immediate friends and Father and we are all so shocked but none so much as me and my Dad.

He left a beautiful legacy of children and a wife and all the hearts he touched over his amazing career. It's amazing the amount of laughter he brought to the military and many sick children and adults as he kept their hearts alive with laughter. I'm just so heartbroken that nothing could be done for such a sweet, sweet man. I had a pang of ... "but... there must have been SOMETHING one of us could have done!". Depression is real, it's serious and it takes lives every day. I've been battling it to varying degrees all of my life and I maintain to keep an open stream of communication so that if I find myself in the dark from time to time - I have a friend I can call. If there is anything I can say - there is always love to guide us even in the most minimal of forms. We just have to have the heart to follow.

One of the most beautiful people on this planet in my life said, "A friend once told me that it takes a lot of courage to live and it takes a lot of courage to die." It's never an 'easy' way out as some people might think it is especially when we are reminded of those we leave behind.

I will always love you Robin Williams - O Captain My Captain, until time and times are done.
Rest in Mighty peace and shine in the light as you are a light in my life and millions of others.

Love Always, Jaime Gervais

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Getting your work on products and promoting it plus a dash of Neil Gaiman.

I absolutely love the internet. I do. And I love all of the creative minds that allow artists to be able to sell their art on products easily over the internet. Anyone can do it - which means you may have to click through a lot of crap but you can find some really interesting art and designs out there who are freelance and their own business. It's pretty amazing. I was born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s/90s and there was NOTHING like places like Society6 or Redbubble (good quality items) where you could just customize your own stuff and only order one item at a time instead of wholesale bundles 12+ up.

Getting your stuff online is easy - if you know enough about good quality resolution formatting. Always make sure your stuff for print is at least 300dpi (350dpi is better) and makes sure it looks good close-up so that when people "go in for the kill" and look at your work, they will love it instead of finding mistaken sketch marks, parts that don't combine when close-up....etc. If your work is unpolished with a more abstract feel - then you're golden and don't have to worry so much about the details.

The difficult part is now promoting your work. Anyone can have a product but not everyone can sell it. So it might be available online - but will it be seen? Good ways to promote your work are:

  • Wear your own custom designs
  • Use social media to promote (not blast it so many times you get unfollowed)
  • Ask popular bloggers with a good following who is relevant to your style of work to write a piece about you. If they want something in return  - off them one of your products (nothing like an actual review with real experience to plug you)
  • Buy some of your own pieces and give them to prospective clients as gifts
  • Offer some of it as 'swag' for relevant shops/restaurants/bars for when they have parties and giveaways
  • Hold your own prize draws on Instagram/Twitter/Deviantart where you would find a good following

So go forth, create and "make good art" (Neil Gaiman - video below) and don't be afraid to put your work on products - have fun with the utilities you have at your disposal! If you don't know who Neil Gaiman is - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? 

Here are some of mine at Society6 that I just uploaded recently! 

Much Love! :D <3 p="">