Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Gunnar Optiks for Graphics work


Gunnar Optiks lenses are made for those who stare at a screen for hours on end for either games or work. I was already sold on the idea years ago when I found their booth at PAX Prime 2010 and tried a pair on. They were amazing! 

Gunnar Optiks Lenses: 
  • Reduces eye strain 
  • Improves visual environment
  • Improves detail and focus
  • Reduce eye fatigue
  • Available in prescription lenses

And.... they came in only yellow - for gaming. :/ Not good for any sort of graphics artist who works in colour. So... I waited and behold! The Crystalline series was created and became available! I tried on a pair at PAX 2012 and was sold. They were comfortable, attractive, light as air on my face and instantly made my eyes feel more relaxed. 

After practically throwing my $80 to the salesman, I took my newfound set of Sheadog Crystalline glasses to school to see if they would do the job they claimed. I was in school 5 full days a week, 8 classes per week, for 3 years straight (not including home time on the computer after school for endless hours of homework). 

Gunnar Optiks Crystalline Lenses in Sheadog style frames.

And the big answer: YES.

After using them for a 8 hours straight staring at a computer screen, I noticed that my eyes were considerably happier, unstrained and that I no longer had a headache at the end of the day. Even the frames sit so nicely on my face and nose that I didn't even notice they were there most of the time. Now I have 20/15 vision (technically superior vision) and I don't wear glasses other than sunglasses so wearing glasses indoors all day was something that i'm not used to doing. Being a mature adult, it's important to me to take care of my eyes since being a digital artist requires decent vision. 

For the price of $80 US for a pair of these gorgeous Sheadogs, it's a more than reasonable investment on your eyes, which if not taken care of will cost you big in deterioration over the years and with that, hundreds to thousands of dollars in restorative surgeries and laser treatments.


How long have I been wearing them? 1 year.

Do Gunnar Optiks Crystalline lenses live up to the claims? YES.

Is the price reasonable? YES.

Would I recommend these glasses for graphic artists? YES.

I am happy to wear my Gunnars with pride every day knowing that I am helping to reduce the wear on my eyes due to my chosen profession of digital artist. I can't recommend them enough especially being so reasonably priced.

So head on over to Gunnar Optiks and check out their fabulous products and try some for yourself!



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Monday, November 4, 2013

On the subject of Computer Gear...

If you don't know me, I am a professional illustrator and therefore spend hours and hours in front of two computer screens while I work.

After trying out a few products over the past 6 months, it's of interest to me to share these products and my opinions with you.

I will be reviewing one product per week and welcome any comments or opinions on the said products mentioned in the next few blogs.

Products up for review:

Gunnar Optiks - Crystalline Glasses (made clear for digital work with colour)

Stay Tuned! 

Cheers, J