Thursday, September 26, 2013

Expbar meets the Fifth Element

EXP Restaurant and Bar in Vancouver, B.C. is THE place to go if you are game... or rather... a GAMER. It's my favorite place to go in the city as gamers can unite, drink and be happy as we are all cut from the same cloth. Wether you're a PC, tabletop, console gamer... this is the place to feel at home.

Best place in Vancouver, BC!

Beautifully decorated with retro and currently recognizable pieces from so many games, the inside is like walking into a fun-inspired lounge with a lot of badassery on the walls. The service is awesome, the food is not only unique and super delicious but also aptly named, the drinks are delectable and the atmosphere is cozy, colourful, ambient and warm. 

Connor of Assassin's Creed 3 and various game elements of the bar.

EXP recently celebrated it's 1st Birthday in September and I was inspired to create a fun illustration to express my thanks and love for the entire restaurant. 

"We'll see you in the future." by Jaime Gervais

I wanted to create something highly detailed, fun, with a lot going on that represented EXP in the awesomeness that it is. I was inspired by the brilliant movie "The Fifth Element" to make the lunch scene in Corbin's apartment look as though he was patronizing an EXP floating boat restaurant like Mr. Kim's in the movie. The title "We'll See you in the Future" is my way of expressing my belief in the idea of EXP and that it will survive beyond any of us and continue to serve the gamer nation in the future.

First Sketch of concept.

Corbin and Mr. Kim from The Fifth Element.

Kickass Bartender Zander Davison at EXP.

By adding elements from the bar (Connor of Assassin's Creed, Retro Lancer of Gears of War, Portal's turret, the actual bar (bottles), the points machine etc.) it was a fun exploration of placement, lighting and overall foreground to background environment creating. I really wanted to show LeeLoo as though it were a continuation after the movie and they were happy together, enjoying a drink with Corbin's cat "Sweetie". It was a labour of love and I can't wait to do more fan art of the like.

Happy Birthday, EXP! 

A precious and most memorable day indeed. Wrapped in Avengers gift wrap, owners: Brian Vidovic, Julianna Kolakis, James Higuchi and Miranda Higuchi unwrapped my surprise gift and were delighted with smiles and laughs! They were really touched by the gift as it was solely painted exclusively for them, the staff and its fine patrons, immortalizing the style of EXP with a beloved cult movie. 

My art on the wall of EXP! 
Now whenever I go to my beloved restaurant... I am delighted and proud to have my artwork on their wall for everyone to see and remember such amazing times. It truly is days like that where I feel and know that being an artist in this life is truly my calling...and a blessing. 

Thank you EXP for giving this shut-in artist/gamer girl a place to go and feel utterly accepted and welcome. *HUG-SPLOSIONS*

Cheers, J