Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Takeover - the story behind the illustration

This illustration was inspired from the widely popular table top game Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast. I wanted to tell a story where the main character has been committed and obviously hostile and a danger to himself and others (scars). In this case, he is obsessed with necromancy (dark magic) and the significant glyphs that occur in written spells and incantations of the like. The wall drawings and scarification reveals his obsessive behavior and that he is loyal to the darkness within the power of the glyphs to the extent that he has in essence made himself a vehicle for the spell itself. 

After all of his efforts to raise this said dark magic, he finally succeeds in invoking the spirit when he is free from all attachment in a place where he is alone in the dark with only himself and bound. 

The small parchment (given to him by an insider or servant of the darkness) acts as a portal and with speaking aloud the incantation inscribed, the magic is released and thus flows to the spellcaster. 

Now the man's journey through dark magic has found him a place as a servant in the house of the Dark Spirits behind the glyphs as he is now being taken over by the light of the magic within the spell.

This is an undeniably dark piece that was inspired by wanting to illustrate the action of the story. To capture that moment in time where cause meets effect where transformation would soon occur. 

I paid much attention to lighting as It really is key when telling a story. My references were some generic and royalty free stock and from the wonderful Daestock. Photoshop was used for the entirety of this work. I hope that you enjoy this slice of darkness as it was a great experience to create. 

Cheers, Jaime 

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