Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bobby Chiu and The Perfect Bait

So I'm always on the lookout for bits of advice, experiences, ideas and stories relating to the freelance art world and maintaining one's own career. One little gem in particular is Bobby Chiu's book called, "The Perfect Bait". It's incredible. I would recommend it to anyone in the freelance art business wholeheartedly. You can purchase it on iTunes as an app you can either read or listen to.

I can't get enough of listening to him talk about how he managed to succeed in the industry throughout many walls, roadblocks and downright bad things happening to him. His persistence, positive attitude and open mind is what got him where he is today: a multi-talented business man, artist, teacher and supporter of the arts.

His online school called: is a fabulous place to pick and choose what you would like to learn and have access to the videos with absolute golden content from other successful artists currently working in today's industry. You can learn live or watch the pre-recorded sessions and also send in your work and receive video feedback.

One of the main reason's I appreciate Bobby Chiu is that he once had a time in his life where he didn't know where to go with his art nor what to do about it so he consulted a good artist friend of his who spoke to him for over an hour. Within that time, Bobby had a clear idea of how to begin and where to go with his work to the point where it became a life-changer. He was so appreciative of this gesture that he asked his friend if he could repay him somehow. His friend didn't want any compensation but suggested to Bobby that when he finds a time in his life where he is successful in his career, for him to give back and help other artists find their way through the art world. This is Bobby's way of repaying his friend and also giving back to the world that he loves so much!

You can find Bobby's book/app here:

The Perfect Bait

You can find schoolism here:


Happy Learning! :D 

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