Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alphonse Mucha - From Sketch to Painting

Alphonse Mucha.  of the most collected, coveted and masterful Czechoslovakian painters of the early 1900s. His beautiful concepts have enchanted me for years. Here are some of his sketches that turned into incredibly beautiful cover pieces in Hearst's magazine. It's amazing to see that he had the same thumbnail-to-sketch-to-final process as we do today. Just to see the different choices he made with the fabrics, the positioning, the colours, the added elements make me really think about the importance of the decisions I will be making in a future piece. I always use a lot of reference in my work and I am incredibly inspired when I see all the artistic decisions he made that didn't originate from the initial reference. Even the fact that his references were all in gray scale since colour photos were not available in that time. It's just awesome. Goes to show that the old techniques are still the best. I appreciate that he did his own lighting but took the main forms and shapes from the photo.

Sigh... I could just stare at his works all day.

Hearst's Magazine Cover : January 1922

Hearst's Magazine Cover : February 1922

Printemps - 1916